Join The RaW-volution!

There has been a lot of interest in raw food in the health-food trade over the last couple of years. The attraction of raw food is that when you avoid heat the nutrient content is maximised. Those who stick to a raw food diet claim enhanced well-being as result of all those extra minerals, vitamins and enzymes. In the US there has been a steady-steam of celebs endorsing raw food, most recently Madonna, Demi Moore and Jim Carey. We have seen a limited number of raw products appearing on UK retail shelves, notably raw cocoa bars. However for those of us who find the idea of raw food interesting but can’t handle just eating uncooked carrots, help is at hand.

January 2009 sees the launch in London of the first dedicated rawfood food-to-go outlet. Called RaW – which is an acronym for Really Amazing Wonderfoods (amongst other things) –  it is the brainwave of Andy Craig and Paul Seligman. Andy was regional director at Pizza Express whilst Paul founded the Communicator marketing agency. Their considerable expertise means that RAW will work commercially as well as nutritionally.  Key lines such as sprouted raw chickpea-hummus and Vitality wraps have been tested and refined, initially through selling at London’s farmers markets and more recently through RAW’s stalls at Selfridges.

I have spent the last few months helping Paul and Andy develop their range, and it has been a real eye opener for me. January is an obvious time to launch such a health orientated concept, but Andy and Paul remain acutely aware that in order to ensure repeat business their food and drink must taste delicious and be accessibly priced. Key to the range is a dehydrator which allows RAW to ‘slow cook’ food without it ever getting hot. This means that the nutrition is enhanced but also offers fantastic taste. Granola bars, dry smoothies and delafel Balls (like falafels) postively sparkle when “cooked” like this. So at last here is genuine alternative to the lunchtime sandwich – it could be the next sushi. Full of taste and vitality RaW food has a lot going for it. Find out more at