Organic – Good For Nature, Good For You

A packed meeting at the Biofach organic trade fair organised by Nic Lampkin of the Elm Farm Organic Research Centre heard about the experiences of Ireland and the Czech republic in running consumer campaigns aimed at promoting organic food and farming. The EU has now developed a tool kit containing 32 approved organic slogans plus a selection of images which can be downloaded and used for promotional work free-of-charge. Lorcan Bourke of Bord Bia in Ireland explained how the the Irish Department of Agriculture funded half the campaign, allowing match-funding to be obtained from the EU and giving a total budget of 1 million Euros.

After consumer research the slogan chosen was ‘ Good For Nature, Good For You’ (see the campaign at ). Nic is working with Sustain to bid for EU funding along the lines that the Irish achieved, with the support and participation of the Organic Trade Board (OTB). The challenge is going to be money, as both the Irish and Czech campaigns had the support of their respective governments and so far Defra have shown little interest in supporting a campaign of this type in the UK.