Local Food Sales Nearly Doubled Year On Year

Asda’s local food sales have increase 41% year on year according to a report by talkingretail.com. Scotland and Norther Ireland have increased 29%. The company, which has spent over £80,000 researching its customers’ views on local food, now stocks over 6,500 local products.

Customer Planning Manager, Caroline Burgess was reported by as saying “41% growth in the last twelve months in England and Wales is a phenomenal result and means that local is now as big as more established areas of the business, such as fish.

“Asda’s hub system has been in place since 2002 and we have nine hubs working in fourteen regions across the UK working directly with local suppliers to guide them through the Asda accreditation process and act as a single distribution point, saving on average three million food miles a year.”

It was reported that some of the local products outsold national brands. Local listings can also be an on-ramp for national distribution. An example given was WC Rowes, a cornish company, which started as a local supplier of pasties and went on to become a national supplier.

Asda is also experimenting with “local ambassadors” in the North West. Their job is to make sure local products are displayed correctly and to provide shoppers with information.

Caroline Burgess went on to say “”Asda always listens to our customers and what they are telling us is that they are increasingly interested in local products relevant to them.

“This means that we are working closely with suppliers and our hubs to ensure local products are stocked in stores where there is a demand for them.

“For example, there’s no point stocking a locally-produced pie in Sheffield if our customers tell us they want it in Leeds.

“Now our local line is established as the market leader, we will let our customers help us improve the range even further.”

Source www.talking.retail.com