New EU Organic Logo


The European Commission has re-started the search for a new logo to appear on pre-packaged organic food, over a year after original designs were scrapped due to similarly to a supermarket’s logo.

The 2007 EU regulation on organic foods (834/2007) provided for a new, common organic logo to appear on pre-packaged organic food sold in the EU, on a mandatory basis if it originates from the EU and on a voluntary basis if from outside. It was originally planned that the logo would start appearing on products this year.

However the common logo that was drawn up was withdrawn in April 2008, after it was pointed out that it resembled the logo of Aldi supermarket. Moreover, it used the word ‘Bio’ – a term that is not associated with organics in the English language. The European Commission officially postponed its implementation in October.

Today, however, the Commission has today kicked off a new competition to come up with a symbol that will have universal appeal in all member states, open exclusively to EU citizens who are registered at an institution of higher education for art or design, based in the EU.

Michael Mann, EU spokesperson for agriculture and rural development, told that the Commission decided to throw the new design open to students, rather than commissioning a design agency, because “it would be a more lively and dynamic way to get people involved”.