Organics In Good News Shock!

Organics has been having a tough time recently, with sales flat and the usual sniping in the press. So it was great in July  to hear that the  the EU had approved funding for the UK’s first generic  promotional campaign to increase awareness of the benefits of organic food  and farming. The funding will give a boost of £2million to the organic  industry in the next three years. There will be some pre-Christmas PR, but  the campaign will kick off in earnest early 2011 with advertising in women’s and  supermarket magazines. More than 75 organisations have contributed to the  campaign including leading retailers Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose, and big  organic brands such as Green & Black’s, Organix, Rachel’s and Yeo Valley  as well as a host of smaller brands (including me).  Find out more here

Will this be the saviour of the UK organic sector? Not on it’s own. The aim of the campaign is a modest increase in organic sales of 15% for each of the three years that it runs. So more is needed. However it is a good start and provides an opportunity to start saying good things about organics which has been rather overlooked recently with all the talk about financial doom and gloom.  The Soil Association got it right with their slogan for this year’s Organic Fortnight “Choose organic everyday” and their five reasons to do so: a better planet, your well-being, animal welfare, our wildlife and a GM free diet. And organic strawberries. The Daily Mail has been getting excited about research done in the US which suggests that whilst organic strawberries may cost more,  it’s a price worth  paying as the  fruit is both tastier and better  for your health.  The most detailed study of its kind  has found that they contain higher levels of anti-cancer nutrients than fruit sprayed  with chemical pesticides and naturally-produced strawberries  also  have a longer shelf life and a richer, more fruity flavour (read more here ). These findings add to a growing  body of evidence that organic  food is healthier . And healthier food leads to healthier sales!