Why I Love Organic

Have you seen the Yeo Valley TV ad yet ? (that should probably read Yo! Valley). The rapping farmers have become the toast of YouTube and added £10million to Yeo Valley’s sales.

And hot on their heels comes another campaign to promote organic food, Why I Love Organic. Go to the website www.whyiloveorganic.co.uk and you will find lots of reasons to love organic such as great tasting food, better for nature, better for animal welfare and more natural. Plus you can share your own reasons  for loving organic and there are lots of recipes, news and a competition . The campaign is jointly funded by the UK organic sector and the EU (the UK government declined to get involved – no surprise there) and there are full page advertisements going into a wide range of magazines, all to promote the O word. The campaign runs for 3 years so watch out for it.

New Soil Association Director Helen Browning was certainly upbeat when she addressed the Soil Association Manchester organic conference in February when she referred to organic sales as being stable after a recession-driven fall. “The sense for the future is much more positive than the last year or two” Browning added. “People’s values haven’t gone away. They just had other priorities over the last year or two.”A delegate at the Manchester conference called for a campaign for Plain Food to promote food that was not mucked around with, in much the way that the Campaign for Plain English called for language that is not mucked-around with. Plain Food sounds a bit dull so…let’s call it organic! By staying true to our organic values whilst making the organic message easier to understand we can we can rebuild the UK market for organic food. The UK is the only market in the world where organic sales have dipped so let’s consign that blip to history and get back into growth!