Frying Tonight! Cooking with Cocoa Butter

A couple of weeks ago I was walking round the extensive warehouse of HB Ingredients when I spotted a large cannister of something called Mycryo, made by Callebaut. “That” said my host Carl Martin “is cocoa butter and it is brilliant for frying eggs. Try it”. So I did, and Carl is right.

When you open the 600g pack you see a free-flowing cream-coloured  powder: 100% deodorised, spray-crystallised cocoa butter. Tip a little into a frying pan, crank up the gas and off you go. Carl is right – it is great for fried eggs. The smoke point is high and it leaves no taste. After some trial and error I achieved the best results with some marinated tofu that I had coated in flour and then shallow fried. The coating that resulted was crispy and tasty.

Callebaut recommend Mycryo for cooking meat or fish where you coat the piece in Mycryo before placing in a pan with no other oil present. As a vegetarian I will let others check that out.

With plenty of cocoa butter around this strikes me as a really good way of using some of the surplus. I don’t rate Mycryo as a name but otherwise I think this is a very interesting product.You can find more information at