Ever tried getting hold of a supermarket buyer?

You are a small supplier who wants to start dealing with a supermarket. So you need to talk to a buyer. So you ring. And email. And ring. And email. No luck. My record is 15 months trying to get hold of one particular buyer without success (it turned out she’d left the business 3 months earlier).

To be fair to the buyers they are ludicrously busy with their existing suppliers, before they start thinking about taking on new ones.

So the current system ends up wasting lots of time and energy and means that supermarkets are missing out on some interesting and innovative products. Surely there must be a better way? There is, and it’s called Booths Meet the Buyer.

The process starts with a dedicated website where you upload product details (supply.booths.co.uk). You are then invited to Booths head office in Preston to meet your category buyer. You have a 15 minute slot to present your products and answer the buyers questions (think of it as Speed Dating for brands).  Subsequently the buyer then gives you feedback via the website and you can then discuss next steps.

Simple. Time efficient. Courteous. Engaging.

Other supermarkets please note – this is the way to do it!