Organic Is Back!

Actually it never went away, although you could be forgiven in thinking that the organic sector had vanished completely  if you walked round a major supermarket. Luckily independent shops, Waitrose and Ocado kept the faith and have been rewarded by a 9% growth in sales during the month of September with organic tea, cereals, yoghurt  and poultry  showing exceptional growth. Duchy at Waitrose sales grew by 16%, whilst Seeds of Change sales were up11% year-on-year.

 September was also Organic Month and featured a campaign titled Small Changes, Big Differences run by the Soil Association  in partnership with independent and online retailers.  Why did it work so well?

 Horsegate would appear to have concentrated consumers minds as to the desireability of short supply-chain, high integrity, easily-identified food. Organics certainly ticks all these boxes. And all the factors that drove organic sales pre-economic downturn – the desire for less pesticides, greater biodiversity, lower environmental impact, better animal welfare and no GM – are still very real concerns to a lot of consumers.

 Of course the recession has made affordability an issue for most consumers. So the organic sector needs to deliver Values with Value. It will be helped by the comprehensive list of evidence-based statements of the benefits of organic food and farming contained in the Soil Association report “What You Can Say When You Are Selling Organic Food” All terms have been cleared with the Advertising Standards Authority and you can download the report for free here