Farewell Olympia

So Natural Products Europe is leaving Olympia next year and heading East to ExCel.  Well, you might say, at least it’s not the NEC. Mind you, I remember those who said that moving from Brighton to London would destroy the show.

Certainly we (the natural foods industry) have had some good times at Olympia.

It is a funky venue with natural light and a feel that suits our industry down to the ground. And I can get there in 25 minutes. However having run a variety of seminars in the Pillar Room  over the years I have concluded that it just may be The Worst Space In The World.  And getting your stand and samples in and out has always been a lengthy and frustrating process.

 ExCel is a model modern exhibition space. It has good access to the exhibition floor, decent seminar rooms and is easy to get to (so long as you fly into City Airport).  Getting to ExCel by public transport is a pain and is likely to remain so until Crossrail opens when life will get a lot easier.

 Ultimately trade shows are successful because of the people who attend, be they exhibitors or visitors.  Natural Products has always pulled a great crowd and I hope that will continue in the new venue. So let’s enjoy our last year in W14 and start getting ready to follow the star to the East in 2015.