Things I Learnt At The FDIN Free Fom Summit 2014

From Louise Vacher, YouGov

  • A third of UK households are affected by food allergy or intolerance
  • 69% of purchasers are women
  • 53% live in the South East
  • 55% of purchasers do not suffer from or live with anyone who suffers from an allergy or intolerance 

From Chris Brockman, Mintel

  • Market now dominated by products that are Gluten Free (47%) and Dairy / Lactose Free (46%)
  • Significant opportunities for on-the-go consumption and more indulgent products
  • The growth of the Free From market will naturally slow, but free from is here to stay as it reflects a fundamental shift in the way consumers approach food
  • Customisable and individualistic eating patterns are becoming the norm

 As with other FDIN seminars I have attended there was a rich and lively debate around these findings. Comments included

  • With 55% of the market now “lifestylers” rather than “sufferers” product quality, presentation, pricing and in-store positioning are all key
  • Much speculation around if and when major supermarkets will integrate their Free From sections into the mainstream store, and the implications for suppliers of such a move (cf Organic)
  • Has the Free From sector lost focus by encompassing products that are made without sugar or meat?