Some Thoughts on Fairtrade 2015

At Biofach in Germany last week I attended an excellent session masterminded by Harriet from Fairtrade Intenational which was designed to inform the process by which they determine future policy.

Here are some interesting snippets I picked up along the way:

  • 51% of all Fairtrade producers are also organically certified
  • 40% of Fairtrade organisations sell more than 50% of their production as Fairtrade (2012-3)
  • For 2012-3 Fairtrade sales delivered 944m Euros in producer revenues plus 95.2m Euros in premiums
  • 86% of premiums were invested by farmers and workers to strengthen their organisations

Cocoa – The Hourglass

  • 90% is grown on 5.5m farms
  • 3 companies grind 40% of world cocoa
  • 5 companies control 57% of cocoa sales
  • 1 billion consumers

Cocoa smallholders receive 3.5 – 6% of the retail value of a chocolate bar

 Themes for Fairtrade going forward

  • Increasing producer impact
  • Building on unique strengths
  • Working as one
  • Fairtrade to have a wider influence