No Finer Life, The Pleasance Theatre, London April 28-30th

Two of my  friends from college days are bringing a play relevant to the organic, wellness and sustainable farm produce sector to The Pleasance Theatre Islington London, on 28-30th April.

It’s called No Finer Life and is about a young woman who sets out during the last years of the 2nd World War to find the author of an extremely influential book on mixed farming. Sounds like a pretty dry subject unless you are really interested in it, but it’s actually a charming love story, both between people and the farmer and his land, told in a one woman show using music, puppetry and multi-character acting. It helps too that it was written by Graham Harvey, agricultural editor and writer of more than 600 episodes of the Archers. Graham will be on stage after the show to take a Q&A session on sustainable farming, the play and the Archers.

You can get a reduced price using Friends Tickets as the code ( £8 all performances).

Website is (Facebook link via the site)

Twitter @nofinerlife

And here is the flier Pleasance A5