HEADLINE: “I believe in great-tasting food that benefits people’s health, the planet, and the farmers that grow it.”


SUBHEAD: Simon Wright explains what inspired him to set up OF+


I enjoy foods full of character, that let you taste the places they were grown and made. And I think food should be produced in ways that are good for the environment and fair to farmers. These beliefs underpin the work I’ve been doing in the organic, Fairtrade and Free From food sector for the past 30 years, and are what inspired me to set up OF+ back in 1995.


Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of being involved in some important milestones for the sustainable food industry:


  • Overseeing the launch of Green & Black’s, including the UK’s first certified Fairtrade chocolate bar, Maya Gold
  • Helping develop the award-winning SO Organic range for Sainsbury’s
  • Serving on the Board of the UK Register of Organic Standards at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)
  • Collaborating on the creation of the Free From Food Awards and chairing the judging panel of the Quality Food Awards
  • Working to set up the Gluten Free Industry Association


I’ve had the gratification of helping products that were once very hard to come by develop into mainstream categories. People with allergies are at last starting to get the range of choice they deserve. And it’s no longer considered eccentric to seek out products that are natural and organic, and give a fair deal to farmers in the developing world.


It’s been a fascinating journey so far and I look forward to more challenges in the years ahead. Find out what I can do for your business by emailing me at simon@organicandfairplus.com


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