Client Feedback

“Simon Wright, the invaluable and brilliant technical director at Whole Earth Foods and Green & Black’s…” Craig Sams writing in Sweet Dreams – The Story of Green & Black’s


“I have worked extensively with Simon for over thirty years, using him as an adviser in all matters organic and technical. He is a consummate professional and I cannot imagine our business without his involvement.”

Cliff Moss, Managing Director, Healthy Sales Group


“Simon is a fantastic expert in the world of organics, bringing a professionalism and objective viewpoint that have helped us to stay abreast of this fast-moving market and develop highly successful customer-focused strategies.”
Julia Frost, Marketing Manager for Health, Sainsbury’s


“Simon is a professional and passionate chocolate expert who combines a deep knowledge of the food market with a highly effective strategic view. We often turn to him in our project development, and his sharp and meaningful opinion allows us to improve our international approach. He gives a relevant uplift to any projects from a marketing and sales point of view, but also in recipe definition thanks to his wide and always up-to-date knowledge of food culture.”

Elisabetta Ronchi, Export Manager, ICAM SpA


“Simon is very collaborative and makes an important contribution to the development of custom-made product ranges.”

Orietta Marchetti, Export Manager, ICAM SpA


“Simon has an encyclopaedic knowledge of food and drink, especially in the areas of taste, quality and technical standards. He gives energy to any group and is fun to work with.”

Paul Monk, Founder, Inventabrand and Chairman, Seabrook Crisps , Addo Foods and Winterbotham Darby


“Simon has a wealth of knowledge about the food industry and the technical and practical aspects of food production. He has wonderful strategic and commercial insight and is a very valuable resource for the industry.”

Jane Milton, food industry expert

Simon’s input on improving the cleanliness and relevance of our products is excellent and we are delighted to have him as part of our team.”
Paul Simmonds, Group Chief Executive, Glisten plc

“Simon has chaired the judging panel of The Quality Food Awards for the past eleven years, and has played a significant part in helping these awards become the most respected of their kind in the industry today.”
Helen Lyons, Publishing Director, Metropolis Business Publishing  

“Simon’s professional and personable style and his neutral position in the world of ‘free from’ made him the perfect candidate to chair the newly formed Gluten Free Industry Association (GFIA). His respectful, integral and conscientious approach has been greatly appreciated by GFIA members.”

Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, Founder, Genius Food Ltd


“Simon is that rare person, someone who blends extensive, high-level commercial experience with an ethically informed ‘long view’ of our increasingly complex industry. It’s this that makes his advice and professional support such a valuable asset for all types of operators (brands, retailers, event organisers) in the natural, organic and ethical space.”

Carsten Holm, Managing Director, Diversified Communications UK


“We have known and worked with Simon for over fifteen years – most recently in connection with the Free From Food Awards. His grasp and vision of where food is going is interesting and imaginative, and he has always been very generous with his time and knowledge.”

Cressida Langlands, Foods Matter


“Simon has always proved to be a mine of information and a source of excellent, unbiased and level-headed advice. There are few people in the industry who do not know him and respect his opinion.”

Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, Director, Free From Food Awards, and Editor, Foods Matter